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What's new?

2-28-15  Shock Shop is retired!  Learn more on the About page.

7-20-2014  And AGAIN!!  An overwhelming win in Austria!
GFR win in Austria

7-3-14  GFR / Oregon State University once again international champions!!

7-31-14 Formula Student Germany may be the best race engineering competition if not the best overall racing competition in the world. The top teams far exceed the technical expertise seen in club racing and I now know for a fact that the knowledge level of best teams in Formula Student / Formula SAE even exceed that of some in F!! In addition, many of the drivers are nationally if not internationally competitive racers.

This is where Formula SAE and Formula Student teams from engineering schools around the world build a new formula race car every year and compete in engineering design, cost presentation, marketing presentation, skid pad, acceleration, autocross and endurance events. The team accumulating the most total points from all events is named champion for the year.

Should anyone have an interest in watching the free livestream from the FSG competition in Germany this weekend, August 1 - 3, 2014,
Here is the link to FSG:

And here is the link to FSAE:

Of course I have my favorite – GFR / Oregon State University – my alma mater, won FSG last year and FSAE Michigan this year and makes use of my shop, and perhaps a bit of advice, for tuning shocks.


1-20-14 'Old School' suggests setting up a car the way a driver likes it. For example, some drivers talk about how they like to 'toss the car into the corner'.  Might it be that those drivers have to do this because the car has not been set up correctly? If it were set up correctly, it wouldn't it be faster if the driver would learn how to drive a properly set up car to its maximum potential?

1-6-14  Shock selection and tuning page has been updated.

08/20/13  Penske 7500DA Now rated #1.

08/13/13 Check out work in progress for Facebook and Twitter pages.

08/04/12 Global Formula Racing wins Formula Student Germany again!
Check out the best team in the world HERE.

03/04/13 Shock Shop now services PRO shocks. PRO is expected to gain strength as a result of their new relationship with AFCO. 

01/18/13  Shock Shop now represents AFCO!  This shock company has its act together.  Read more

01/15/13  What's the next best shock to a Penske 8300?  how about a Penske double adjustable 7500 with base valve for $550!  This shock can be tuned to offer very nearly the same performance as that  offered by the 8300.

10/28/2012  Penske is now offering their 8780 series of shocks through their dealers.  These were used extensively and very successfully in INDYCAR this year.  They include options for through rod and inerter technology the later intended to help the shock further reduce tire force variation.  Using the shock this way sounds very familiar, something Shock Shop has advocated for over 10 years!

10/20/12 Presentation on Shock Selection & Tuning has been updated

9/23/12 Congratulations to Ed Hosni and Mike Lewis for their wins at the Runoffs!

9/5/12  Shock Shop has been very disappointed with Öhlins automotive products and support for several years.  Shock Shop will continue to service but no longer sell Öhlins products.

7/20/12 Global Formula Racing wins 4th in a row at Formula Student Austria

6/18/12  Lee Alexander qualified on pole over both DSR and CSR but unfortunately encountered engine problems in the June Sprints race.  With Jeff Shafer prepping the car, this team should present a significant challenge at the Runoffs.

4/12/12  GFR wins 3rd in a row Michigan FSAE event!  Visit their webpage HERE and watch 'RELENTLESS" HERE

 4/6/12  This article in Racecar Engineering supports the idea that reducing tire force variation "is the objective of tuning suspension dampers"

 1/30/12  Hyperco has begun producing the new carbon composite bellows springs.

12/15/11 Perhaps old news but important to note that Penske offers a base valve kit for the 7500 series shock and they offer a regressive piston for rough tracks and curbs.

12/5/11  Please pardon any inconvenience as the Shock Shop website is updated.

12/1/11 Shock Shop now represents Quantum Racing Suspension

11/14/11 Shock Shop announces the new Hyperco Carbon-Composite Bellows Springs

11/5/11 Congratulations to Jim Downing for his first in class and first overall finish at the ARRC

11/5/11 Congratulations J.R. Osborne for his first place finish at the ARRC

11/5/11 The Oregon State University FSAE team conducted two days of testing of their world championship 2010 car . They utilize an extensive Motec data acquisition system to gather loads on control arms, upright accelerations and much much more. OSU FSAE and Shock Shop are planning another test with various shock settings early next year.

11/3/11 Shock Shop is now a SEMA member. The show was very well attended. Contact with Quantum Racing Suspension was very informative. These folks produce racing and high performance road and track products, all of which are of quality equal to the best racing shock manufacturers. Look for more on the Shock Shop website soon.

10/9/11 Neighbor Andrew enjoyed a good bike race and the win after freshening and setting up the forks on his GSXR 750.

9/25/11 Congratulations to Mike Lewis for his second consecutive national championship!

9/24/11 Congratulations to Tom Bootz for the dominating DSR win!

9/24/11 Congratulations to Jim Downing for 3rd in CSR and the Hard Charger Award!

9/23/11 Congratulations to Wolfgang Maike, a good run to finish 3rd in GT-3

Shock Shop is Retired!!

Closeout Sale Items by Manufacturer:

Bilstein     Genesis     Hyperco     Öhlins

With the exception of 'special' projects, Shock Shop no longer offers product or service as it has in the past.  Learn more by visiting the About page.  Look for a list of 'close-out sale items' to be put up on the website soon.

Racing and street high performance shock absorbers must be tuned, often called re-valved, to achieve maximum performance. For many vehicles, calculations must be performed based upon specific vehicle data to determine damping forces. Then valving is modified, often testing several builds with our shock absorber dynamometer, to closely match predicted values.  Read more here:  SHOCK SELECTION & TUNING

Shock Shop customers have won numerous series and national championships and always find a significant improvement in lap times with properly tuned shocks.  By utilizing the shock absorbers to help minimize tire force variation, higher cornering speeds and ability to get power down earlier coming out of corners results in faster lap times. In some racing series it may be necessary to utilize the shocks to control the sprung mass weight transfer to achieve a needed handling characteristic but this should be used as little as possible.  In either case, proper shock tuning makes a big difference!

Shock Shop was proud to represent Hyperco products for many years. The Hyperco product line includes suspension coils (Hypercoils), Hydraulic load centering spring perches, helper springs and Composite Leaf Springs. Hyperco specializes in the development and optimization of these products for the motor racing industry. Hyperco components are utilized by championship winning teams world wide- NASCAR Nextel Cup, Formula One, Indy Racing League, SCCA, NASCAR Busch series, NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series, Grass Roots Oval Track, Endurance Sports Cars, Off Road, Motorcycles "Hyperco components are a part of winning from Late Models to Nextel Cup"...Formula Ford to Formula One, (Hypercoils have been utilized by every Indianapolis 500 winner since 1964).
Rowley Book on Race Car Engineering

Race Car Engineering

If you are serious about racing, you should have this book.  It is intended for anyone who is interested in understanding vehicle dynamics and wanting to improve race car performance. It is meant for both the entry level racer and the more experienced engineer.  It includes a copy of Bill Mitchell's WinGeo 3 software limited only in that one can not save a file.  Learn about RCE


Mitchell Suspension Geometry Software Logo

Mitchell Software

WinGeo3 4.0 Suspension Geometry with Force-Based Roll Centers is a complete three-dimensional suspension kinematic program. It Provides analysis of Double A-Arm, MacPherson Strut, Five-Link independent, and assorted solid rear-axle suspensions.  Learn about Mitchell