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Shock Selection and Tuning

Racing shock absorbers must be tuned, often called re-valved, to help achieve maximum race car performance. Calculations can be performed based upon specific vehicle data to determine damping forces. Then valving is modified, often testing several builds with a shock absorber dynamometer to closely match predicted values.  Read more about the Shock Shop tuning philosophy here:  SHOCK SELECTION & TUNING

Closeout Inventory Items by Manufacturer

Bilstein     Genesis     Hyperco     Öhlins 

For many years Shock Shop represented Bilstein, Genesis, Hyperco, Mitchell, Öhlins and Rowley products. However, in an  effort to semi-retire, Shock Shop is closing out its inventory of these products and will not be offering additional new product.  Certain of their product information will remain on the Shock Shop website indefinitely.  Shock Shop will continue to offer Penske Racing Shocks and custom tuning for Penske and certain Ohlins products.

Also for many years Shock Shop recommended the Ohlin's ST44 shock absorber.  In the opinion of Shock Shop, it is the most tunable racing shock ever produced by any manufacturer.  Shock Shop ceased representation of Ohlin's when, unfortunately, they stopped production of this shock.  Soon there after, Penske introduced the 7400DA series shock which, along with the Penske 8300 series shock are now the best new shocks permiting tuning to meet the needs of a specific race car.